$OGODS Cards

Oceans Gods is built using a Games as a Service model. Instead of relying on a one-off purchase, we provide a game that is free to play, releasing optional monetized content and features that work to enrich and expand the game, without being a requirement to play the game. Below is an explanation of how in-game purchases work in Oceans Gods. NFT " Recruiting Gods” sales (sold via the NFT Market Place) & (In Game Play)
The main in-game purchase in Oceans Gods. OGODS NFT card sales. While users can unlock core cards through play, our team is constantly designing new sets of cards (known as “Ocean Gods”) in order to keep the game exciting and provide users with new content.
Recruits are made up of a series of NFT cards (ERC-721 tokens) that can be found in chests (ERC-20 tokens that bundle together multiple card packs).
Once purchased, these items can be used by players within Oceans Gods to build competitive decks and play the game, or traded with other users outside the game like any other token.
OGOD sets consist of a finite amount of NFTs, making them more scarce than the core game’s cards.