Oceans DAO

Current Token Status: Subsequent new proportional allocation is updated after Voting.

Governance Token

$OCEANS DAO is the governance token used to allow $OCEANS token holders to vote and participate in governance of the Community and Ecosystem.
Evolved from Oceans Finance, a decentralized cross-chain Hyper Deflationary Reward protocol with DEX trading and liquidity mining rewards, Oceans DAO is re-positioned as an infrastructure developed for arbitrary cross-chain interactions, an ultimate router for Web 3.
Here we will explain to you the start of $OCEANS DAO.

Introduction to DAO's

The exponential growth of the crypto-asset industry in the last year proved that crypto will continue to disrupt every industry in any way virtually. Oceans.Finance is One of these Protocol's, where crypto enables efficient, fair products and services that disrupt the traditional financial structure.
However, a precise governance mechanism is needed to effectively manage these products, eliminating human error and manipulating investors' funds. Here is where Oceans (DAO) come into play. It does not allow that the decision-making power of the entity's operations rests on the hands of a single person or group of people.
About Hundreds of DAO's in the crypto-space today manage over $13B in their corresponding treasuries to pursue whatever they decide to do, whether dictating policies over a Defi protocol, dictating yield or other protocol rates, or purchasing land, National Sports Teams, or anything that we decide as a community.
DAO's growth has been so strong that these organizations are beginning to generate value that places them near levels that one sees in tradfi markets. In addition, DAOs create low barrier opportunities for participants worldwide to coordinate assets and ideas to pursue any causes they desire.
Decisions in a DAO are governed by proposals and voting mechanisms to ensure that everyone within the organization has an equal voice in the governance process. This process allows participants to vote on crucial decisions on how to manage DAO resources, fostering a sense of community among participants to accomplish a collective goal.
That is why DAOs represent a powerful technological innovation that seeks to redefine how different parties cooperate. This is thanks to the fact that they allow the creation of autonomous, self-managed, transparent, and more efficient organizations.