Oceans Finance Team has Developed its Our own Swap for all investors to use for their swapping activities. Our Swap has the Features listed below.
  • Token Swaps: $ODEX Token is the Native token for
  • Farms: There is Token Farming located here.
  • Token ILO Offering: $ODEX Token is offered to buyers who agree to contribute to the liquidity pool which will ensure that the token is attractive to new buyers and the AMM can function. Our ILO is Here. We welcome "LEGIT" project to launch there ILO on our Platform.
  • Lottery How to Play: If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers in the correct order, you win a portion of the prize pool. Simple! Visit the Lottery Pool Here​
  • Pools: Just stake some tokens to earn. High APR, low risk. Visit the Staking Pools Here​
  • Farms: Stake LP tokens to earn. Visit the Farms Here​
  • Cross Chain Bridge: OceanSwap Bridge will Be Available in the Dashboard for Investors to Swap and Purchase Tokens across multiple Blockchains..