Bank vs Oceans Finance


Banks APY vs Oceans APY 

The Oceans Team decided to analyze the top U.S. banks and their reward programs. We found out that the most common “product” that banks offer to their clients that wish to earn for holding money with the bank is a “savings” account with (0.01 - 0.01% Max apy). You would think that banks reward their clients fairly for holding their funds with them, but unfortunately that is not the case at all, most banks give their clients a ridiculously low ROI / APY while keeping the real profit. Enter $Oceans Finance and be rewarded with true APY for your loyalty with our project.

Bank: 0.01% APY VS $OCEANS: 420,069% APY

Yes folks you heard it right, the top U.S. banks offer a whopping amount of 0.01% — 0.12% APY🤯. What’s really concerning is that these APY’s are way below inflation rates (6%-70% globally) and the banks are shamelessly letting their clients lose up to 70% of their financial value PER YEAR. Isn’t the point of banks to help their clients with their finances? Apparently not.